Narrative Essay: Rough Draft


Narrative Essay: Rough Draft Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will write your narrative essay rough draft. You will use  the same topic you chose in Week Two, write your essay introductory paragraph with working thesis (which goes at the end of your introduction), three body paragraphs, and conclusion. Using what you learned this week about developing your introduction paragraph, develop your thesis (moral) of your narrative and include three supporting sub-points you will cover in the body of your narrative. Your three body paragraphs should clearly follow your thesis. Finally, your conclusion should clearly and concisely summarize your main points, provide a call to action, and restate your thesis in a new way. Assignment Details: Perform the following tasks: Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lecture before attempting this assignment. Attend the instructor session to prepare for this assignment. To complete this assignment: Refer to your ebook on the introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and drafting. You may also want to revisit the section last week on the narrative. Include descriptive devices such as metaphor, similes, and/or personification. Write a substantive draft with a minimum of 500 – 800 words, with each paragraph being approximately 5 – 7 sentences or more. Demonstrate that all aspects of your topic have been considered. Use the plagiarism tool to check your summary against unintended plagiarism. Spell check your essay and submit via Canvas. Use the proper naming convention when saving your assignment: ENG101_wk4_assn_jsmith_mmddyyy Submit your assignment by Sunday.

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