Music Technology

Objective:Using Ableton Live, combine two pre-existing commercially available pieces of music of your choosing using stutter edit / mash-up techniques to demonstrate an understanding of the techniques and principles demonstrated in class.The finished project should be at least one minute in length.The brief:Part 1 – Tempo-matching •The two original tracks should have tempos that are different to each other (ideally not really different, as the sound quality will suffer more). They must be running at the same tempo, and both must be absolutely in sync with Live’s tempo. Use Live’s “Warp” features to achieve this.1•Audible downbeats in the music must occur in the correct places in Live’s timeline (on beat 1). Check if unsure about this. Part 2 – Creative audio editing•Use stutter edit / mash-up techniques to create at least fourdifferent examples of a ‘stutter edit’ – the same small slice of audio (from one of the original tracks) repeated many times within a very short space of time. Use manual copy and paste techniques to achieve this.•Use plenty of audio effects in general – both insert and auxiliary effects.•Use plenty of automation – automate basic parameters such as volume, pan and send amount, but also automate parameters of audio effect plug-ins. •Have a large quantity of jumps between the original tracks. Don’t have one track going for too long ‘as is’ without being interrupted/disrupted by somethingPart 3 – “Featured Fragment”•Choose and cut out a fragment of one of the tracks – it must be less than a bar long but at least a beat long.•Place it on a separate track and process it with multiple real-time audio effect plug-ins on that channel – at least five, and as many as you like (they all should be making a noticeable difference to the sound).•Use it prominently several times in your mash-up (whether or not you choose to vary the repetitions using automation is up to you). Part 4 – Auxiliary sends •Set up auxiliary sends to delay or reverb effects. Then automate the send level of at least two different tracks, and send these tracks to the effects at multiple times throughout your mash-up. These moments should add something to the overall result (rather than being unnoticeable or arbitrary)

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