Music Education

Scoping Music Education Research Themes: Seminar and Essay Using computer access to ONE major music education research journal, or access to hard copies through the music library, review the last decade of music education research themes. In your review, discuss the major (and minor if you consider it of interest) research areas reported on, and the aspects of particular interest or focus in research. In addition, discuss trends, changes and developments in music education research topics and themes. In conclusion, consider any future directions these changes point to, and/or whether you see any need for future research in music education and why. Where possible give evidence to back up claims you make in your writing. Include a standard bibliography of only the cited examples used in the essay. You are not expected to read every article, but rather, check abstracts moving to scanning whole articles only where you see it relevant for the essay e.g. for the citation of an example. The assessment criteria will be based on the essay writing criteria sheet 6 themes for essay 3 major (bigger themes) and 3 minor themes Location/practice (not practise) – El Sistema in Venezuela vs in Otara vs Philadelphia (Colour string method around the world) Secondary, primary schools, early childhood music education (public) Private music studio Community Choral Ensemble Genre Classical, popular, jazz, country Disciplines – particular way to teach or learn (science to performance) Psychology Performance Philosophy Sociology Composition Cultural Inter-arts (combining different disciplines) Points of interest – There is a need to study them Cultural diversity Performance praxis Music technology Music involvement/access/participation (how about people who don’t want to learn?) Social justice in music education (music education for everyone) Method of teaching (Kodaly, Orff) Sassmannshaus, Shirly Givens Journals • International journal of music education • Music Education Research • British Journal of Music Education • Bulletin, Council of Research in Music Education • Research Studies in Music Education (RSME) Essay structure Introduction – Journals Themes Findings (graph) Examples Discussion Conclusion

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