Module Assignments

Religion- Reflection Paper 2
October 29, 2020
NR390 Course Project Milestone 2 Guidelines
October 29, 2020

Module Assignments

Reading Log for Anthem, Chapters 1-5 (pages 1-22)

Value: 25 points (Module Assignments)

Directions: Read pages 1-22 of Anthem (Project Gutenberg PDF) and then complete this reading log. Be sure to complete BOTH parts for full credit. Take care to use your own words in your responses to the questions and the quote analysis.

Part I. Reading Questions

1. Why are collective pronouns (“we,” “our,” and “us”) used in the society of Anthem?

2. Why do you think the dystopian society of Anthem educates children from ages 5 to 15 and then they are given a vocation by the Council of Vocations?

3. How did Equality 7-2571 (the narrator) commit Transgressions of Preference? List some examples.

4. Read this statement by the narrator from the end of Chapter 1, page 11:

“Strange are the ways of evil. We are false in the faces of our brothers. We are defying the will of our Councils. We alone, of the thousands who walk this earth, we alone in this hour are doing a work which has no purpose save that we wish to do it. The evil of our crime is not for the human mind to probe.”

What is the narrator discussing? Why does he feel “false in the faces” of his community? What does he mean by his “wish to do it”?

5. Who is Liberty 5-3000? What is her vocation and why is the narrator afraid to speak to her and to think of her?

6. The narrator has renamed Liberty 5-3000 and she has also renamed the narrator. What is the narrator’s new name in Liberty 5-3000’s mind and thoughts? Why does she call the narrator this?

7. After reading Chapters 1-5, what do you think happens next? Why do you think this is what happens next?

Part II. Quote Analysis

Type out three different quotes below. Provide PAGE NUMBERS for the quotes and use quotation marks.Analyze the quote in this column. This means to explain what is significant about the quote or how the quote speaks to you and makes sense to you.
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