Model 4 Week 10

ART 101 Week 2 DQs
November 19, 2020
Forum leaders
November 20, 2020

Model 4 Week 10

  • Raising Your Voice for Children: An Advocacy Training
  • A Call for Excellence in Early Childhood Education
  • Review at least three of the following advocacy Web sites
    in preparation for the Discussion:
    • ACEI Position Paper: The Right to Quality Child Care
    • Global Action Center
    • Education Campaigns and Special Initiatives
    • Children’s Defense Fund:
      Cradle to Prison Pipeline Campaign
    • Children’s Defense Fund: Children’s Health Coverage Conversation Starter
    • Children’s Defense Fund Facebook
    • Civitas
    • NAEYC Children’s Champion Action Center
    • Pre-K Now Teacher Profiles
    • Pre-K Now Advocate Profiles
    • Pre-K Now National Conference Calls
    • Save the Children
    • UNICEF
    • UNICEF: Why We Do It
    • Voices for America’s Children
    • Zero to Three: Join the Policy Network


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