Midterm Paper

Your Task Is To Review The Literature Relevant
November 21, 2020
dentify a Business Process and create an Attribute Control Chart concerning some element of that business. Measure the performance of the Attributed and chart it on your control chart
November 23, 2020

Midterm Paper

Midterm Paper: article critique

Article Critique Instructions to Students

FROM: Professor Davis

TO: Students in Research Methodology Course

SUBJECT: Research Project

For your first research project, please investigate one of the journals listed below for an article of interest to you. The article should be no more than two years old. Choose one that has sufficient content from which you can write a report a 6 page report (approximately three double-spaced pages).

The object of your critique is to describe how the study followed, or failed to follow, the criteria for good research, as described in Research Methods for Business Textbook. Speculate on which of the writer’s conclusions were warranted and which were not.

Journals to consider:

1. Academy of Management Review

2. Administrative Science Quarterly

3. Business and Society Review

4. Decision Sciences

5. Financial Management

6. Harvard Business Review

7. Industrial and Labor Relations Review

8. Journal of Accountancy

9. Journal of Applied Behavior Science

10. Journal of Applied Psychology

11. Journal of Banking and Finance

12. Journal of Finance

13. Management Review

14. Personnel Journal

15. Public Administration Review

16. Training and Development Journal

Other journals may also be used. The outline referenced below may also assist you with your critique.

Research Article Format

Research Problem

Research Theory







Future Research

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