Methods Social RES: Quantitative[ Human Services]

Research Proposal Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is just an overview of the actual  project. The scoring rubric for the research proposal presentation  provides a good outline however, you are only required to provide a  brief overview of the information that you provided in your topic:  Postpartum Depression in teenage Mother

How to create voice-over narration for your Power Point Presentation


  • Introduced the problem and justify its importance; prevalence of the problem; filling a gap
  • Discuss the population being studied
  • Theory (Slide 1-min.)
  • Identified a theory that may fit the study


  • Identified potential ethical issues; deception, confidentiality; informed consent


  • Select (2) articles and their relation to the topic; identified components relevant to the research proposal


  • Identified the sample, procedures, and instrument(s) display any  graphs used in the proposal bar, line, pie and discuss data outcomes.  Provide an overview of the following
    • Sample (Describe who will be studied)
      • Who (demographics – race, gender)
      • How many people you want to study (If this was a real study, you would tell how many were studied. This is your sample size.)
      • How you selected the sample (e.g., welfare recipients at a Southeastern regional social service agency)
      • Procedures (Describe how the sample will be studied)
      • All key variables (independent and dependent)
      • Define the terms using research articles you found
    • Instruments (Describe what was studied)
      • How will the data be gathered (e.g., a survey will be provided to the participants)
    • Provide details what techniques were used to collect the data  so others can replicate your study (e.g., reached out to a social  service agency, obtained informed consent to survey clients, etc.)
  • References (Slide 1- min.)
    • List all articles used in paper using APA style
    • The APA reference that we currently use is APA 6th edition.  However, there is a APA 7th edition that was recently published and  released. The university will begin using this new guide as a student  resource. There are a few significant updates that are highlighted in  this quick reference guide. This should be added to the resources that  we already have and where APA 6th edition is mentioned it should be  changed to APA 7th edition.
    • Also, here is a video that reviews the most notable changes in the new manual
    • Here is a lecture PowerPoint for Students on APA 7th edition
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