-Mental Health and addiction

Description: The purpose of this paper is to gain an in-depth understanding of the intersections of mental health and/or addiction with immigration policies and/or the criminal justice system in Canada. In this paper, the student will identify a newcomer or an indigenous person who is living with mental health and/or addiction and confronting the legal and justice system and use the person as a case study. In the paper, you are critical analysis of the case study, explaining the impact of immigration policy and identifying the role of stigma in mental health and addiction Instructions: 1. Find a case study. Research online articles or community reports to find an example of a case study of a newcomer or Indigenous person dealing with mental health/substance use at the intersection of the legal or criminal justice system in Canada. Your chosen case study should explore the intersection of their identities with these systems, as well as other social determinants of mental health. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with this case, in order to base your paper as follows: a. Introduction (half page) Your introduction is a roadmap to your paper in which you must clearly state what you intend to cover in your paper and the reason why you chose this particular case study. b. Summarize study (half a page) Provide a succinct yet clear summary of the case, including all relevant details. Page 16 of 18 2194 c. Critical analysis (one page) Through an intersectional, anti-oppressive lens, explain how various systems (legal, criminal justice, etc) – and gaps within these systems – have increased the vulnerabilities of the person. Use examples to explain how these increased vulnerabilities impact the experiences of the person. Based on your knowledge of the course content, describe the social challenge(s) that the person is going through. Refer to at least three weekly readings as well as one scholarly article to substantiate your answer. d. Policy Analysis (one page) Describe specific policies within these systems which may further increase the vulnerabilities of the person in your case study. For example, could any of these policies lead to their arrest, imprisonment, detention or deportation? Explain if the person in your study is eligible for diversion or any other legal support programs. e. The role of stigma and discrimination (two pages) Discuss stigma in relation to your case study. In what ways might this person be stigmatized by these systems, individuals within these systems as well as broader society? How might various forms of stigma and discrimination impact this person and their experiences? How do stigma and discrimination intersect with factors in your critical and policy analyses (connecting with c. and d.)? f. Conclusion (half page) What lessons have you learned while writing this paper? How will these lessons help you in your practice as a social service worker? Paper Format: • Use APA formatting and citation • Use headings and sub-headings to organize your paper and ideas

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