Media Systems and Communication Technology

CMST 432 Media Systems and Communication Technology

Recommended Text and Materials

Hanson, R. E. (2018) Mass communication: Living in a media world (7th ed.). SAGE.

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Recommended Resources for Additional Exploration

The Mass Communication student companion website: (Links to an external site.)

This site is a particularly good resource for review of course materials.



Chapter 9 Television: Broadcast and Beyond


1. Discussion post: Content and Class Representation.


· Visit the entertainment website for your favorite TV network, or one that you watch a lot, such as , , and .

· Browse around the different shows that are on that network and take note of the types of people and lifestyles which seem to be represented most often.

· What social class is most often represented in different shows?

· What professions do characters have?

· How do your observations match up with what you read in Chapter 9?

· Why does the entertainment media industry so often portray affluent lifestyles rather than poor or working-class experiences?

· Think in terms of ideology and in terms of the economic pressures of the media business.



2. Nielsen Ratings – Chapter 9


Compete the ratings academy and write a paragraph on what you learned? Discuss what areas fascinated you the most.

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