Marketing Paper for who good at marketing! (1500 words)

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November 1, 2020
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November 5, 2020

Marketing Paper for who good at marketing! (1500 words)

Mini grade is 80% requiredSubmit in 3 daysCheck the attachment, The Example it the format, you can follow but dont copy the content!Learning ObjectiveAssume you are the recently hired Brand Manager for AXE. Your task is to write a communication (client) brief to effectively outline necessary information for the campaign and to seek approval to proceed from the Executive Vice President of AXE.Once approved the ‘Brief’ will be presented to the Advertising Agency, Media Specialists and Creative Boutiques as required. It is critical that all agencies meet together with the client in a collaborative effort to agree to the brand deliverables, ROI expectations, validation metrics and compensation structure. For this assignment, you are to conduct primary and secondary research beyond the case and based on discovery, develop the Client Brief. This case focus on developing strategic recommendations the AXE brand. The case is an excellent advertising and promotions course case focused on consumer insights. After completion of this case, students will be able to: draw implications from data to guide brand communications decisions; explore demographic and psychographic segmentations in the context of an emotional marketing strategy; have a basic understanding of the relationship between strategic consumer insights teams, brand managers, and advertising agencies; and gain experience in creating and presenting a client brief.

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