Market Analysis Report


Required to prepare a market analysis report (2,000 words) presenting the findings and interpretation of research into the marketing environment of an organisation and its impact on the marketing mix. You can use your own company as the “given organisation” for this assignment.    1.       Executive Summary This should be a brief high-level overview of the entire report, stating its purpose and summarising your main points of analysis and outlining your main recommendations and conclusions. This section is not the introduction to your report or your selected company. Its purpose is to give reader/marker a concise synthesis of the full report.   2.       Introduction Here you should provide a concise and relevant introduction to your report, your company, the key products/services, the brand, its direct competitors, your main customer segment(s) and so on. You are allowed to narrow the scope of your investigation by focusing on one set of products/services or a subset of the markets in which you operate. If you do so, please make sure you have stated this in the introduction and justified your selection (for instance, by focusing your investigation on the best- selling products/services, or the fastest growing market sector, or on customer that generate 80% of your revenues, or something similar).   3.       The external environment The type of market (p.72) and competitive and economic conditions in which your company operates; the political/regulatory and social environment (p.10) in which your company operates; and the technological environment in which your company operates (with particular emphasis on Chapter 4).   4.       The internal environment What can the company market and where; the philosophical approach (p.19) adopted by the company (preferably with a brief critique); the practice of marketing management (p.45) and the core marketing management skills of the company (p.47).   5.       The marketing mix (4Ps or 7Ps) This part of the report should evaluate how the internal and external environment impact on the marketing mix (p.26) used by the company. You could, for instance, show here how your company uses the marketing mix to create, communicate and deliver value successfully; or, alternatively, how your company’s use of the marketing mix lags behind developments in the marketing environment. A proper analysis will probably reveal a mixed, or nuanced, picture and a report based on synthesis, analysis and evidence to reflect this is more likely to receive higher grades.   6.       Recommendations and conclusions (Harvard Refrencing) In this section, you may wish to identify growth/survival opportunities (p. 88) for your company based on the analysis and evidence in the report and/or identify specific activities in the practice of marketing management that could be improved. The conclusions and recommendations should be cohesive/complementary and show work at an advanced level.

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