Managing Software Development


Part A Short Answer Questions

Part A includes 9 questions. You should attempt all the questions (5 marks for each question).

1. One of your clients is a ride-sharing company that concentrates exclusively on ride-sharing for scooters. They require a short briefing on how to automate acceptance testing for their rideshare application. As part of the short briefing you must briefly describe acceptance testing in terms of its aim and criteria and describe at least one framework suitable for automation of acceptance testing for this application.

2. You have university as a client. The following shows their university graduate internships directory. Develop a brief black-box test plan for this interface from a purely functional point of view using strategies you have learned about or any you can think of. You can assume the “SEARCH” buttons are designed to use the field above them in a search operation. Do not forget the top of the page where you can assume that each category (e.g. interns, internships,companies) is a hyperlink.

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3. You have landed a new software client that develops malware-detection software and they have asked for your advice on software testing. They have asked you which of alpha or beta testing is appropriate for testing malware-detection programs and why? Respond.

4. You have a client who is a one-person operation. The individual is a brilliant programmer but has a reputation as a loner who does not seek advice. As such, they have been asked by their key investors to consult your firm on some aspects of configuration management. The client develops software applications that are eventually sold on app store destinations. Explain why configuration management may not be necessary for applications that are designed by individuals for such a destination.

5. You have a banking client that has been in operation for over 150 years. In the development of a new banking app, they are considering implementing ‘nightlies’ as part of their system build processes. Provide some cautionary advice as to why such processes may be a challenge for this specific client.

6. A software development company in Melbourne will develop a customer relationship management system for SCU in 1.5 years, using Scrum process management methodology. Describe and explain possible difficulties/problems that may occur during the development process.

7. You have a large engineering company as a client and their software development team have informed you that they are intending to implement test-driven (or test-first) development. Describe possible obstacles to the implementation of TDD for this client.

8. Translate the following statements from natural language to C# XML comments:

a. The parameter args are not used.

b. Returned is a URL.

c. See also TestClass.Main.

9. A manufacturing company has its suppliers and wholesalers. A software system is needed for their supply chain management. Recommend a distributed architecture for the industry chain management system and explain why your recommendation is appropriate.

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