Managing Responsibility in a Global Environment

This question refers to the article, “Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis” by Albert A. Bartlett.
i) Explain, concisely and lucidly, and in your own words the central ideas of the article — i.e. what are the forgotten fundamentals that Bartlett is bringing to our attention?
ii) Explain the importance of these insights for business ethics — i.e. what are the implications of Bartlett’s theses for organizational decision makers in their attempts to guide the practises of their organizations in a sound moral manner? Tie the other readings, discussions and lectures of the course into your answer.
2. In his essay Just Environmental Business, Holmes Rolston III provides 29 Maxims or deontological rules to guide moral decision-making on environmental matters. He provides numerous examples of actual business actions that illustrate either the upholding of these principles or the failure to do so. Provide additional examples of where a business has acted or is acting as it ought to in regards to the environment (i.e. according to the maxims given) or where a business has not or is not acting as it should. Explain clearly what the business is doing or is failing to do and how this upholds the maxims or violates them.

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