Manage an HR Budget that Aligns with Organizational Strategy


Imagine you are the Director of Human Resources for a high-tech organization in the North East. You were just approached by the production and sales manager about a large contract that was just won. This contract entails that the organization will need to produce 50,000 of your organization’s patented specialized computer motherboards over a 2-year period for 20 million dollars. Part of the contract states that 2 million will be paid up front as an installment, but the remaining will be paid in quarterly installments as the organization meets deadlines each quarter. Both the production and sales manager mention to you that they are severely understaffed to meet this need and will need to meet this staffing need within the next 3-6 months. You realize the HR teams are understaffed to support the production and sales managers. The production and sales managers work with leadership to agree to provide you with 1 million dollars to help bolster upPrepare a proposal to communicate your plans with senior leadership these teams so you can appropriately support them. . Be sure to explain the following in your plans to meet these deadlines by supporting the production and sales teams: Explain the costs that would be associated with this scenario from an HR standpoint. Determine how you would prioritize your budget dollars. Justify your plan with examples. Critique the role of performance measurement in formulating the compensation plans for new hires brought in to complete this contract. Document your plan to balance internal and external pressures to complete this contract.

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