Using scholarly resources from the Online Library, complete an annotated bibliography for the reference resources you will use for the Unit VII assignment, which involves responding to a hazardous materials incident. Make sure your paper has resources that identify the following areas:

· Describe inorganic compounds and the chemical family they belong to as well as the hazards associated with that chemical family.

· Describe what the chemical(s) are used for in the industrial setting.

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· Assess the patterns of reactions within inorganic chemistry nomenclature.

· Evaluate the methods that could be used to quantify the hazard at an incident site.

Your annotated bibliography should meet all APA style requirements and should have a robust description of each source that is being used (approximately 150 words describing each reference). You should have a minimum of five external sources, one of which can be your textbook. Each source used should be peer-reviewed or academic in nature.Main

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