Love In A Digital Oriented Society, First Draft

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October 29, 2020
Communication: Relational Stages Work
October 29, 2020

Love In A Digital Oriented Society, First Draft


Love in a Digital Oriented Society, First Draft:

Write a research essay analyzing how to create and sustain a loving relationship with a partner in a society that is becoming more oriented toward digital, augmented, and virtual experiences. 

Using the Master Plan as a guide, why does it matter? who does this matter to? write an introduction, a foundational information section, an opposing/diverging viewpoints section, a findings section, and your conclusion. Address the following issues in your analysis:

  • Can committed relationships last in a multitasking context full of distractions and interruptions from electronic devices? 
  • How does a more digitally oriented society change the rules of successful relationship?

Check you work against the research paper checklist and

  • Use at least 4 research sources, with in-text citations for each of those sources, and a Works Cited page in 
  • The Works Cited page is the last page of your essay document, not a separate page
  • correct MLA format 
  • Use at least 3 citations per page, one for a quote and two for summaries.
  • 1500 words, total.
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