leadership in business

1. Introduce each leader, and why you chose them. (Please limit this introduction to no more than one page 2. Discuss each leader’s personal philosophy of leadership? Here you will discuss (compare and contrast) the findings from your interviews with each leader. The interview questions must be included in an appendix at the end of your report. 3. Analyze and evaluate whether each leader’s leadership philosophy aligns (or not) with the Topics identified in the Readings List. Focus on leadership roles, not management duties. Identify and apply a minimum of three (3) unit topics as outlined on the Readings List (e.g., self-awareness, credibility, etc.) to support your answer, and integrate specific examples that you gathered from your interview findings with each leader. In this section, you are required to include relevant and specific references to the text and/or other course resources. (Minimum 5 valid references from google or book).  4. What have you learned about yourself from this experience that will enhance your leadership potential/practice? Why? (This is about self-awareness and a focus on internal learning. Do not write about what you have learned about leadership, but rather what you learned about yourself as a you develop your personal leadership practice.

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