Leadership Development and Growth


Leadership Development and Growth

At this point in your practicum, you are starting to evolve as a leader and should be preparing to emerge as someone who will take on a role in public health leadership. As a leader, you will play a key role in facilitating a culture of quality that embraces performance management, diversity, equity, and prevention. This means encouraging your employees and those populations you serve to change their orientations to one of problem-solving by empowering them to identify answers and solutions.

For this discussion, imagine that you are applying for a public health fellowship, for which you must write an essay about your public health leadership style.

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Include the following in your essay:

  • Cite contemporary literature that identifies one public health leadership issue that impacts equity and implementation of population-based public health programs.
  • Explain how you possess the leadership skills and knowledge to address this issue.
  • Cite specific examples of where you emerged as a leader in your practicum experience, career, or coursework.
  • Conclude the essay with key points about your leadership style and how it can contribute to the betterment of the public health system.
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