Kinesiology Homework

Identify Two (2) Classical Greek And / Or Roman Figures Or Qualities In Any Work By Michelangelo Or By Raphael. Discuss The Primary Reasons Why Popes And Other Patrons Might Allow Such Trappings Of Ancient Pagan Culture Within A Christian Society, Even In
October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Kinesiology Homework

Final Project – Reflection and Philosophy (you will need to complete both and label each one so it is not just one long essay) (2 parts).

1.  Reflection:  (150 points) Write a 300-500 word essay on how you might have changed after reading, discussing, and synthesizing some of the material from this class.  Hopefully you have learned something, and this is your opportunity to reflect on how you might use what you have learned in the real world.  There might be very small changes to large changes in your views on PE, fitness, and sport- please reflect on what those changes might be for you. (Write from your perepective on a intro to kinesiology class)

2.  Philosophy on Physical Activity (150 points)  Write a 500-750 word essay on your professional philosophy physical activity.  This essay should include at least three paragraphs.   You initially developed your professional philosophy in one of the first assignments you completed for this class by writing the outline.   You will want to go back and use it to write your philosophy.    See if you have changed and develop your philosophy even more.  “A professional philosophy is not an opinion but, rather, a coherent, defensible way of looking at your professional world and making judgements as to future directions.” (Siedentop, p. 318). I have included two attachments that might help you with your philosophy on PA and they were included on your outline assignment as well.  Please use them and if you use them….. cite them and include them in your references.

Grading rubric for Philosophy:

CATEGORY4 – Above Standards3 – Meets Standards2 – Approaching Standards1 – Below StandardsScore
PhilosophyHas a personal philosophy on kinesiology. Utilizes information from the book, reading material, and synthesizes their own perspective or viewpoint.Has a personal philosophy on kinesiology.  Does include information from book or reading but does not synthesize material to create on perspective.Has personal philosophy on kinesiology. Does not include information or synthesis from book or readings.Does not have kinesiology. Does not include information from book or readings. Does not offer any perspective100 points
Grammar & SpellingAuthor makes no errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.Author makes 1-2 errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.Author makes 3-4 errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.Author makes more than 4 errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.25 points
Sentence StructureAll sentences are well-constructed with varied structure.Most sentences are well-constructed and there is some varied sentence structure in the essay.Most sentences are well constructed, but there is no variation is structure.Most sentences are not well-constructed or varied.25 points
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