Isabella Mia Interview as a Physical Therapist

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October 30, 2020
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October 30, 2020

Isabella Mia Interview as a Physical Therapist

Unal 2

Seyma Unal

English 101 Z02N

Ms. Claytor

24 June 2019

Isabella Mia Interview as a Physical Therapist

Isabella Mia is a physical therapist who is working in the US as a therapist for the last 10 years. I have selected her for the interview because the physical therapist is a tough job and it is important to consider a person who has worked in it for a long time to get the right insights. She is a very dedicated person towards her work and this the reason behind her success in this field. I met her for this interview on a coffee shop and following is the information that I got from her.

Seyma Unal : Do you have a specific reason why you wanted to become a physical therapist?

Isabella Mia : I believe that this is a very rewarding career. I always wanted to do something that can ease other people and in this profession, we have contact with customers one by one and see them progress. This can help in making a real difference in their lives and it became my reason for joining this profession.

Seyma Unal : Why do think it’s a good idea to be a physical therapist?

Isabella Mia : Definitely yes! Other than being a rewarding career it is a very secure job. the demand for physical therapists is increasing in the market with growing health issues and especially for the American population who are very concerned about their physical health.

Seyma Unal : What did you get your bachelor degree on?

Isabella Mia : I was enrolled in a Doctor of Physical Therapist ( DPT ) program. So, I got a DPT degree to pursue this profession.

Seyma Unal : Were you in any kind of program for PT?

Isabella Mia : Yes! I have taken the education of DPT and after that I joined practice for clinical work. It was a 6 – year program in which my bachelor’s degree and DPT were both included.

Seyma Unal : What kind of opportunities were there for you after getting your bachelor’s degree?

Isabella Mia : after getting my degree, the best possible opportunity for me was to complete the residency program as I had no experience. I participated in that program for around 1 year to get training and experience about some of the specialty areas of this field.

Seyma Unal : What were some of the difficulties you faced when you were looking for jobs?

Isabella Mia : Honestly I did not face much difficulty in finding a job. I had a good experience and I also got a professional license soon after that as I passed the National Physical Therapist Examination, I got a job easily.

Seyma Unal : What are some things I should know before I continue?

Isabella Mia : you should know that it is a very detail oriented job which required strong observational and analytical skills. The people working in this profession should have empathy for the patients because they are dealing with pain. So, some of these soft skills are very important to consider in this profession.

Seyma Unal : What are some jobs that I can apply to, to get experience with what I want to pursue?

Isabella Mia : being a physical therapist, the opportunities include working as a physical therapist in hospital and medical institutions. Other than this you can also work in the field of home care because for some patients it is not possible to move to hospitals for these therapies.

Seyma Unal : How long did it take you to finish school and start your job?

Isabella Mia : it took me 7 years to start a job in this field. My bachelors and DPT degree took 6 years and then I started to practice. After that I got a proper job.

Seyma Unal : What are some skills a person should have that wants to do DPT?

Isabella Mia : physical stamina and resourcefulness are very important skills for a person to be successful. Also, the person must be capable of providing treatment with their own hands. he must be comfortable with giving massage and assisting the patient in physical movement. Other than these, the soft skills of being compassionate and empathetic are also very important.

So, Isabella is working in this profession for ten years now and it was really great talking with them. she is in this profession to help others and she always makes sure that her patients are treated not only physically but also emotionally. She is an ambitious lady and I could see the love and care she has for her patients. She is very dedicated to her profession and I can tell that she must be very good with her profession with all this experience and professional education. So, it was very nice for interviewing her. She even made me excited to set some of the meaningful goals in my life and work in a fulfilling manner.

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