Is Restricting Air Travel The Most Effective Method Of Reducing Air Pollution?

Assigned Passage
November 11, 2020
Correct Any Of The Following Sentences That Are Not Complete Or Have Not Been Punctuated Properly.
November 11, 2020

Is Restricting Air Travel The Most Effective Method Of Reducing Air Pollution?

need somebody that can finish and correct my paper.

My paper is about “Is restricting air travel the most effective method of reducing air pollution?” It should be 7 pages long. I have 4 pages long so far. Attach to this homework Im uploading my first draft, my outline and my research report for you to use it as a guidance.

I  am supposed to write a persuasive essay but what i was doing is that I was being more informative. What i need you to do is to turn this essay more persuasive. Also the teacher told me I need to clearly state in which side I am. If I am forth or against restricting air travel. I decide to be forth restricting air travel. Another thing the teacher told me is to use more recent sources. So i need you to look for a couple recent sources about restricting air traveling. Attached to this homework Im uploading the corrections the teacher did in my first draft. I need you to do the corrections and also finish it. This includes the in text citations and also the works cited page!.

MLA FORMAT AND PLEASE USE SIMPLE ENGLISH! Im not american so i dont want the teacher to figure out im

not doing this.

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