Introduction to Travel and Tourism

There is no penalty for submitting below the word/count limit, but students should be aware that there is a risk they may not maximise their potential mark.

Assignments should be presented appropriately in line with the restrictions stated above; if an assignment exceeds the time/word count this will be taken in account in the marks given using the assessment criteria shown.

Assessment Task

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You are asked to write an individual essay on ONE of the following subjects:


Part 1

When potential tourists say “I need a holiday” what exactly do they mean?

  • Discuss the deeper meaning of this seemingly simple statement with regards to tourist motivation and use a range of examples to support your point.
  • Use the essay heading “I need a holiday” for this part.

Part 2

For this part of the assessment you must ask a minimum of 12 people from different age groups what they mean by the statement, “I need a holiday”.

  • You must integrate your findings into your work and link your primary research to academic theory relating to tourist motivation.
  • If you choose this essay you must complete and attach the Solent University Ethic Application Form approved by your tutor. You must use the University’s license for Jisc Online Surveys. If you do not already have a user account, you need to email: [email protected] to request one.
  • The Ethics Application must be submitted and accepted before you undertake primary research.
  • Use the essay heading “Tourist Motivation” for this part of your work.

Additional notes: each of the two parts should have an equal word count.


Tourism is our calling card to the world, and it has never been more important to ensure that Britain continues to be a world-class destination competing for global business (DCMS & BEIS 2019).

The current international pandemic has brought to the forefront the relevance of travel and tourism at national level. In view of this, discuss the reasons why the British Government is involved in travel and tourism. Use examples to illustrate your discussion.


“The location of niche tourism activities often involves fragile destinations both in environmental and social terms” (Novelli & Benson 2005, p.249).

Discuss the socio-cultural impacts that niche tourism has on destinations and host communities. You must consider at least two types of niche tourism for this essay. Use a range of different examples from around the world to illustrate your account.

  • Exceptional breadth and for work at this level;
  • Explores and evaluates information/ideas from a wide range of sources (may include primary sources);
  • Excellent understanding of concepts/theories (some of them abstract) and/or current practice, and several of their applications and implications.
  • Selects and applies appropriate methods to address/solve complex and often unfamiliar and unpredictable problems;
  • Exceptional judgement in selection, analysis and evaluation of information and application of learning to different contexts;
  • Excellent investigative skills generate well-founded and evidenced conclusions/practical solutions.
  • Competence in all the required specialised practical, technical, creative, scholarly or work-related skills, exceeds expectations for this level.
  • Excellent presentation and organisation of work and lucid communication in all contexts;
  • Exemplary referencing/citation;
  • Work demonstrates independence and initiative beyond level expectations, setting objectives and taking responsibility for outcomes;
  • Evidences developed team-working and indications of leadership ability;
  • Critical reflection / self‐evaluation exceptional for this level.

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the Module descriptors.

Students are reminded that:

i.If this assessment is submitted late i.e. within 5 working days of the submission deadline, the mark will be capped at 40% if a pass mark is achieved;

ii.If this assessment is submitted later than 5 working days after the submission deadline, the work will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero;

iii.If this assessment is being submitted as a referred piece of work then it must be submitted by the deadline date; any Refer assessment submitted late will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero.

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