introduction to marketing

PESTEL and S.W.O.T Analysis Summary  Provide a brief overview of what is happening in the overall environment. This is the political, economic, social, technical, environment and legal milieu, or PESTEL. This will help you determine the practicality of your recommendations. Now complete a S.W.O.T analysis on the company. Present your researched information in a SWOT matrix (point-form of marketing factors not business and for the scope of this plan,1-3 points are fine.) Then provide a logical analysis of all the external and internal points you listed in paragraph form. This summary of the SWOT should explain why these marketing aspects are strengths or weaknesses to the company. Research should be evident to help support the SWOT analysis. However, the S.W.O.T is to be the team’s thoughts and ideas NOT an internet S.W.O.T. (See Module 2, Chapter 3) Target Market Profile and Positioning Strategy  To help make decisions for marketing strategies and prioritizing them, during our research phase of planning we must segment our market. Once the target market profile (or consumer profile) and the organizations’ positioning strategy is determined as marketing consultants we can focus on the target audience that offers the most potential and purposefully position the product or service so it is appealing to our target audience. The positioning strategy acts as the foundation to the marketing plan because all marketing tactics and activities will depend on what the organization/brand wants the customer/client to perceive about them. (See Module 5, Chapter 7) Create a profile for your client’s primary target market. Include a snapshot of your organization’s ideal customer/client by identifying the key aspects of their demographics, psychographics, geographic and behavioral characteristics. Specific detail and research need to be evident. Define the company/product’s position strategy relative to the positioning statement and positioning map. These aspects you may not find in your research so develop your own, be sure to note in the report that you have made assumptions in your design.


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