International Tourism Policy & Planning


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international tourism policy and planning

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Question 1:

Critically assess the key reasons for national government support for tourism with reference to both emerging and mature destinations in Asia.


Question 2:

Comment on the contribution of the UNWTO and ASEAN to sustainable tourism development in Asia.



  • The answers must be in an essay format with a clear introduction, sequence of paragraphs supported by examples and references and then a conclusion which provides a clear answer to the question.
  • Answers should be in a word document and preferably in 12 font, Times New Roman
  • The quality of the answer is directly related to the quality of communications so please ensure the English language is clear and correct.
  • Each answer should have a minimum of 700 words with 5 references.
  • Correct referencing in the text of the essay is expected with a reference list at the end of each answer.
  • A clear essay structure with headings for the main sections helps provide a logical, clear and concise answer.


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