Information Systems Project 1


Assessment Description:

Make a report on Software Design based on your Client’s project details


  1. Introduction

Introduction has the following sections;

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  • Background of Project: Explain the aims, objectives and importance of the project.
  • Purpose: Explain the purpose of the Software Design Document.
  • Structure: Explain the structure of the Software Design Document.

Conceptual Model

This section has the following three components;

  • Technologies used: Explain the various technologies that will be used by you in this project.
  • System overview: Provide an overview of main functionalities of the system.
  • Architectural Pattern: Explain the architectural design pattern (s) that will be used by you inthis project. Draw a block diagram of the software architecture.

Design Viewpoints

  • Logical Viewpoint: Explain the logical viewpoint related to your project. Draw class diagrams toexplain the logical viewpoint.
  • Information Viewpoint: Explain the information viewpoint related to your project. Draw EntityRelationship (ER) diagrams to explain the Information viewpoint.
  • Interface Viewpoint: Explain the various interfaces of the project. Provide screenshots of variousaspects of Front End of the software.
  • Interaction Viewpoint: Explain the interaction viewpoint related to your project. Draw SequenceDiagrams to explain the Interaction viewpoint.

Traceability Matrix

  • Draw and explain the traceability matrix related to your project.
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