Information System Evaluation: 3000 Words Report

In order to complete this assignment, you must begin by identifying an information system used by an organisation with which you are familiar.The first step is to identify the organisation: you are most likely to choose an organisation in which you are currently or have previously been employed. However, this is not compulsory: you are free to choose a different organisation if you feel you know enough about it.The second step is to identify an information system used by your chosen organisation. Here you have a relatively free choice. You can choose, for example, the system you personally find most interesting, or the system about which you can best complete the assignment. Your only constraint is to ensure that you can answer all the assignment elements about your chosen information system. This may best be done by choosing a single information system that has a clear ‘boundary’, rather than covering the entire IS activity of an organisation.
Once you have identified an information system, you are asked – for your assignment – to prepare an evaluation report of 3000 words on that information system.Begin by briefly stating the organisation you have chosen, the information system you have identified, and your key source(s) of evidence. Then, use analytical models to:1.Explain what this information system consists of.2.Explain how it works (or fails to work) to support organisational or community processes.3.Evaluate whether it is a success or a failure.4.Analyse the reasons why it is a success or a failure.

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