indigenous studies political and governance

Book Review: Students will read the following book The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King (2012) and write a review outlined as follows: 1. Title of review (be creative) 2. Introduction (summary of what the book is about) 3. Strengths of the book 4. Weaknesses of the book 5. Overall assessment and recommendation Each section (except title) will be approximately one page long (1.5 spacing, 12 font times new roman or equivalent). The book review will be written in a formal academic style and include APA 7th ed. style notation. Report Title /2 marks Introduction to book/summary of contents -Clear introduction paragraph. A coherent and relevant summary of the book content. /8 marks Strengths Well written and articulate summary of best points/features of the book as a whole /5 marks Weaknesses Clear critical thought and analysis of the weaknesses of the book /5 marks Overall Assessment and recommendation /5 marks Grammar and Writing, Organization -the report is well written, fluid, and has been carefully edited

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