Indigenous History since 1900

Type your summary paragraph here.  The first paragraph should summarize the assigned reading.  Refer to the author and the reading by name.  In this case, the reading is a chapter from an edited book (a book in which each chapter has a different author, as well as editors for the book as a whole).  The first time you refer to an author, use their first and last names (e.g. Jean O’Brien). Use only their last name (e.g. O’Brien) for all subsequent mentions.  Do not refer to authors by their first names only.  Always capitalize authors’ last names.  Please note that Jean O’Brien’s pronouns are she/her.  Use footnotes when quoting or paraphrasing.  To insert a footnote in Microsoft Word, go to References > Insert Footnote or Insert > Footnote (depending on which version of Word you use).  No bibliography is required for this assignment. I’ve included an example of a footnote in Chicago Style for the Innes reading.  In Chicago Style, it is only necessary to provide the full reference once.  After you provide the full reference, you can use a short-form citation.  Here is a short-form Chicago style footnote.

Type your assessment paragraph here.  The second paragraph should assess the assigned reading’s strengths and weaknesses.  When referring to the strengths or weaknesses of a reading, provide examples to support your point, and be as specific as possible.  Avoid commenting on the entertainment value of the reading.

¨ Use the ‘Reading Journal Template’ .doc files posted in Nexus to create each Reading Journal entry. It is best to use Microsoft Word to create your assignment file. Microsoft Office 365 is provided free to all UW students.

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¨ Replace the generic headings on the template (i.e. Name, Student Number) with your name and student number. No title page is required for the Reading Journal assignment.


¨ Do not change the font type or size, the margin widths, and line spacing of the Reading Journal Templates. These are already formatted correctly. ¨ Cite specific pages of the readings using Chicago style footnotes. The templates include examples of full and short form footnote citations for the readings.


¨ Save your assignment as a .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) file. The file name should include your last name, the course number, and the assignment name (e.g. Smith-HIST-1007-002-ReadingJournal1.doc).


¨ Upload your file to the appropriate folder in Nexus (Assessments > Assignments). There is a separate folder for each Reading Journal entry. Under the heading ‘Submit Assignment,’ click on ‘Add a File.’ You will then be prompted to select your file to upload.

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