in need some to make Case study assignment

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The history of my patient :

Mr. jone 83 year old male patient with chronic illness . patient was admitted on 14-2-2018 due to acute pulmonary edema . patient transfer to gama hospital on 4-3-2018 for long term unit .

The diagnosis :

– stroke



Tracheostomy ..

I want my case about this patient . as I send in the picture the explain of each point , and the main diagnosis I want to talk about is “ Trachstomy “ he have open trachstomy

So I want full cover about trachstomy how to care how to use .. what the steps and procedure what the signs and symptoms .. what nursing intervention

“ talk in general about other diagnosis but I want full cover and more details about the trachstomy “ .. also I want the 15 references about the case .

The medication :





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