Implement And Monitor Whs Policies, Procedures And Programs To Meet Legislative Requiremen


Answer the following questions, giving reasons/justifications and supporting evidence for your answers i.e. clauses from relevant WHS/OHS Acts and regulations.

  1. Employers, managers and employees all have responsibilities under WHS/OHS legislation to ensure the safety of the workplace. Please outline:
    1. PCBU’s responsibilities
    2. the organisation’s responsibilities
    3. first-line/supervisors manager’s responsibilities
    4. the employees’responsibilities
  2. What are safety committees and who are safety representatives?
  3. Describethe steps you can take if there is an accident or incident in your work area.  You may create this as a flowchart if you prefer.
  4. What is the differencebetween a hazard and a risk?
  5. Explainhow the Hierarchy of Risk (Control) applies to the workplace.
  6. WHS Legislation is not the only legislation concerned with the health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.  Nameand describe five other legislations, Acts or Codes that protect an employee’s wellbeing.
  7. Locate an organisational policy and procedure relating to hazard management, fire, emergency, evacuation, incident (accident) investigating and reporting and submit copies to your assessor.  If you are not currently employed, conduct an internet search for similar policies and provide
  8. Provide a summary of the organisational policy and procedure submitted for the previous question.
  9. Why is consultationan essential mechanism for minimizing health and safety risks in the workplace culture?


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