Immigration Law

The first section is entitled CRS CHART. Create a chart showing Wladek’s ComprehensiveRanking System scores based on the profile that you would have created for him had you been representing him at that time. You must show a score for each category even if the score is 0. In addition, you must provide an explanation and a calculation, if appropriate, of the score for each item. Your chart will consist of three columns. The left-hand column will be entitled “CRS Factor,” the middle column will be entitled “Explanation/Calculation,” and the right￾hand column will be entitled “Points.” The top of the chart should look like this:CRS Factor Explanation/Calculation Points
Create a schedule, entitled PROFILE INFORMATION, listing all of the information that you would have included on Wladek’s Express Entry profile, had you been asked by him to assist in creating it. Do not merely provide the questions that you would have answered. Rather, provide the client’s actual personal information. You can make up any information not provided to you in the scenario below as long as it is consistent with the scenario
Draft a letter, on your fictitious firm’s letterhead and addressed to the appropriate office, to accompany the application for permanent residence, that discusses the possible misrepresentation and inadmissibility issue described in the scenario below. Reference to relevant statutory and regulatory provisions, jurisprudence (case law), and government publications, if any, is required. It is not necessary to address any other issue in your letter. In preparing your letter, do not merely cut and paste all of the information that your client has provided to you. Part of your task is to synthesize the information and include only that information which is relevant and important.
Create a list of documents, entitled ENCLOSURES LIST, which you will provide to support Wladek’s online application for permanent residence. You should list the following information regarding each document: names, dates, and a brief one paragraph summary of the contents of the document. For example, it is not enough to list “Financial Information” as an item; rather, the specific financial information should be listed. You can make up any information not provided to you in the scenario below as long as it is consistent with the scenario. You are not required to otherwise prepare the documents. This list is not necessarily

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