Immigrant families

Description: Despite the strong impacts separation and reunification has on transnational families, there remains a gap in service to support such challenges. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a meaningful and creative initiative that will better support people impacted by family separation/reunification caused by immigration issues.
Instructions: 1. You may do this assignment individually or in pairs. There is no need to inform your faculty of your choice. If you decide to complete the assignment in pairs, only one person needs to submit the assignment on Blackboard but please ensure that both names are included on the assignment.
2. Develop an initiative (e.g. one-time event, time limited support or an ongoing service) that addresses the emotional and/or psychological impacts of family reunification. In other words, develop an initiative that would help family members navigate the challenges associated with reunification after being separated across borders. Preparatory content and exercises will be provided to prepare you for developing such an initiative.
3. In 4 — 5 pages using headings, include the following information:
• Title: Create a catchy, creative, relevant and brief title for your initiative.
• Target Population: Who is your target population? Why are you focusing on this population? (one paragraph)
• Rationale: Why is your project needed? Substantiate your response with at least 3 resources. (2 pages)
• Summary of Initiative: Provide a detailed description of what you will do by answering the following: o Purpose: Explain what you plan to achieve through your initiative. o Methods: Describe how you will implement the initiative.
o Impacts: Explain how people will be impacted by participating in your initiative.

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