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LO 1- Analyse existing environmental issue, products and systems and understand their impact within social, economic and technological contexts. LO 2 – Develop students’ competence in the application of sustainable design principles to project addressing cultural and social sustainability. LO 3- Apply creative / design thinking processes to arrive at effective solutions using the design process. Brief You will develop your competence in applying sustainable design principles by conducting research and doing a critical analysis on an existing sustainable/social design solution. The existing solution can be a company or an artifact that addresses sustainable design. Use your research information to develop an info-graphic. A. Critical Analysis 15% 750 words. Can include visuals (charts, diagrams, photos) Define the existing sustainable/social design solution. Design and manufacturing- do a simple diagram or flow chart of the sustainable/social design solution’s process. Include inputs and outputs for each step. Environmental issues – how does the design solution address these: physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, social, ethical, economic, carbon & water footprints and ecosystem impact. Market research – target market segment, attributes of the product marketed as having sustainable value. Opportunities – evaluate and identify opportunities to improve the sustainable/ social design solution’s effectiveness; either in design, manufacturing and/or marketing. B.Infographic 15% Using your research data and following the design development process create an infographic suitable to use for print and / or social media. Specifications: Evidence of design development process (thumbnails, roughs etc) and any inspiration sources Use standard paper size (for example A4, A3) PDF soft copy Please edit ‘readymade’ graphics

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