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Physical Sciences- Matter and its InteractionsHow can one explain the structure, properties and interactions of matter?SWBAT:use the Periodic Table as a model to predict the relativeproperties of elements, based on the patterns of electrons in theoutermost energy level of atoms.explain the outcome of a simple chemical reaction, basedon the outermost electron states of atoms, trends in the Periodic Table,and knowledge of the patterns of chemical change. atom, protons, neutrons, electrons, ,element, positively charged, negatively charged, compound, mixture, ionic bond, covalent bond, adhesion, cohesion, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, denseText: HSE LO3 Matter and Interactions.pdf
Videos:(1) Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures (2) How atoms bond – George Zaidan and Charles Morton
Interactive Vocabulary Card: https://quizlet.com/_96zm7b?x=1qqt&i=2srtkk
Organizer: RI.9-10.2_Summarizing a Non-Fiction Text (1).pdfActivity 1: Use interactive vocabulary flashcards to match vocabulary to definitions.
Activity 2: What are the properties of water? Please refer to the molecular structure of this compound in your answer (complete in google form)
Activity 3: How are atoms combined with other atoms to form molecules? Please provide examples to support your response (complete in google form) You may use the organizer to plan your response: RI.9-10.2_Summarizing a Non-Fiction Text (1).pdf
Be sure to: Introduce your claim. Support your claim with details and relevant evidence from the text and video.Provide a concluding statement that explains how the details and evidence support your claim.
Click the link to access google form for questions and for your response https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScmYMGkHURMOJaQIA4YxShZ6smypi1XLRpszaT5exwPye0Jjw/viewform?authuser=0

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