Human services analytics paper 15 pages


This is a 15-page analytic paper.  I am looking for an active writer who will send me drafts regularly and can work with me.  This paper is double spaced 12point times roman*. All interventions must take place in an established human service setting.   This paper is about INTERVENTION when it comes to groups/individuals in the group.  Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in relation to the work with the individual and leadership roles with a group.  This should include factors of communication skills, personnel style, biases, personnel values/beliefs, etc.  I WILL BE ACTIVE ON THIS WITH THE WRITER.  TIP IS INCLUDED.  ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK.  I WILL BE TALKING TO THE WRITER ABOUT  RELEVANT THEORYS   You carry out crisis intervention with individuals or families (small group), which tend to be short-term interventions, it should be the equivalent of eight sessions (e.g., 4 sessions with 2 individuals or families; 3 sessions with 2 people or families, & 2 sessions with the third person; any combination adding up to 8 sessions with 4 people or families; 8 individual sessions with 8 different individuals) 1.              Briefly describe the human service setting where the intervention took place, your role, and the expectations associated with your role.   2.              Summarize the presenting issue and relevant background information collected which indicates/suggests that an intervention is needed.  Include in this summary a brief discussion of how you and the client(s) define what the issue(s)/problem(s) is/are. (Note: If you used an agency form, provide a modified duplicate as supporting documentation, using only the client(s)’s first name(s).  Use relevant references to the literature here that guided the nature of your thinking here.   3.              State the goals and implementation plans for the work with the individual or small group.  Use relevant references to the literature that guided the nature of your thinking.   4.              Provide process notes related to each of the eight sessions to show what happened as you carried out the intervention.   5.              Using relevant theories/models/principles based on your readings, analyze and justify why you chose various strategies and methods as you carried out your intervention.  The theories/models/principles should be clearly presented.    6.              Analyze and evaluate the outcome of your intervention activities and your strategy for termination.  That is, use relevant references to the literature to explain the method(s) you selected to evaluate your intervention activities. Analyze why the intervention worked or did not work, and discuss your termination or proposed termination process.  If you had to do any “re-setting” during your intervention, explain why you did what you did.   7.              Provide any supportive documentation related to your intervention (e.g., relevant literature or written principles or mission statement from or used by the agency to guide the nature of its work; proof of employment or volunteer agreement).

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