human computer interaction

People increasingly employ technology-enabled smart objectsin their personal home such as internet-enabled thermostats, security systems, motorized blinds or networked light bulbs to give just a few examples. Frequently these systems are from different manufacturers. You have been commissioned to create a concept and prototype for a smart voice controlled hub for all smart devicesin a home. The hubis supposed to enable people to control all smart objects in their home byconnecting them to your smart hub. Your smart hub needs to consist of one or more physical devices that listen for voice commands and a mobile application for the configuration of the entire smart home system. You do not need to create the physical component of your product but you need to provide a basic visualization of your overall solution. You can decide on a target audience for your device. However, your design and research activities need to be in alignment with that choice. The requirements that you generate through your research need to be justified and your report needs to provide a good overall narrative not a number of disjoint sections. Your writing needs to be supported by at least 12-15 academic references (not blogs or online tutorials or the like). References ought to be formatted in Harvard style.DeliverablesoReport  uploaded as a pdf file.oHigh-fidelity prototype uploaded in a zip file.Please note your prototype can be developed in Axure and submitted as Axure file or it needs to be submitted in an open accessible format (e.g. HTML and JavaScript). Other proprietary files types will not be accepted. oThe report willa)Have a clear structure and coherent argument throughout, address all the required areas, clearly identifying the key issues and displaying critical analysis;b)Offerfull support for all points made.oThe report to be well written throughout, and fully adequate to express ideas.oThe high-fidelity prototype will be well constructed and linked exactly to the points made in the report.

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