History of Art, Archiecture and Material Culture

Finalize three (3) exhibition “assets” selected for Part I: Reflect on + assess your selections for Part I: oConsider feedback received from your professor and peers oDecide if / how to incorporate any changes If you are happy with your original selections, keep them as-is! If you would like to reconsider any of your original selections, you are free to do so: oNOTE: resist the urge to start over – you should be building on the themes and ideas developed in Part ISelect two (2) additional exhibition “assets” that relate to your chosen theme: Select two (2) additional works (objects/artworks/buildings) from our class lectures and/or textbook readings to add to your existing “collection” (developed in Part I): oThese new assets should also relate to your chosen exhibition themeoAll assets should be selected from different lectures / time periods

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