Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topi

Compose a 2250 words
November 18, 2020
Compose a 2250 words assignment on geohazard
November 18, 2020

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topi

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Use of Commercial Software 3D Modeling.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Use of Commercial Software 3D Modeling. The outcomes of these studies have shown that tip leakage has huge effects on many performance aspects such as stage efficiency, blade loading, stall, and also surge characteristics. With the increasing need for more efficient performances, there have been continuous studies on this area with the objective of meeting the required performance.

The numerical and experimental results that are obtained from these rotor studies show the interaction between rotor tip leakage flows and other characteristics of flow that include secondary flows and stator wakes. According to some researchers, these results from rotor tip leakage can be applied to the stator hub leakage flows but the variations in parameters such as velocity across the blade span and the centrifugal effects lead to fundamental differences. Therefore, there is a need to do an analysis of stator-leakage flows in order to obtain valuable information concerning a section of compressor aerodynamics that is not clearly understood. Empirical relationships in CFD models are what is used in the current industry to quantify losses as a result of leakage. However, in order to attain more meaningful information, they must be confirmed by experimental results.

In order to validate various principles behind energy losses due to leakages, this report will entail an experiment. The experiment will be aimed at validating the CFD results. It will involve the use of single-stage axial compressor equipment that will be capable of studying hub leakage flows on cantilevered stators. The design will however require intense knowledge of the field.

Analyzing the hub leakage flow in a jet engine compressor, turbine stator, and rotor blade using Numerical as well as analytical methods. The relationships between the leakage flow and the different gaps/geometrical arrangements will also be analyzed. Comparing the obtained numerical data with simple analytical models. The project will however be numerically based and will include the use of a commercial CFD code. Most of the data processing will be performed by Matlab. This investigation will be on a fan stage with two different tip clearances whose values will be included in the report.

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