Healthcare Organization Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Details Each student shall prepare an 8-page strategic plan following the assignment guidelines. The purpose of the strategic plan is to allow the selected healthcare organization to understand their current strategic position, where they want to be in the future, and how they will achieve those goals.  For this strategic plan, you will select an existing healthcare organization local to your community to conduct a strategic plan analysis on. The strategic plan should project 3 year’s worth of planning.  Additionally, students should focus on identifying a target market (consumer or business in South Florida) whose needs are not currently being met, not being met satisfactorily or even recognized. Students also should think about competitive offerings, and how their offering will be communicated and delivered. The solution must be actionable or realistic.   The healthcare organization this strategic plan will be based on is Baptist Health of South Florida.   The strategic plan will be completed in 3 phases, which will all culminate to create the final strategic plan.  Please see below for the due dates of each phase. Phase 1: Cover page, introduction, M,V,V,G, Objectives Phase 2: Markets served and Sources of Income, SWOT, Action plan Please find screenshots of the rubric in Attached Files.

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