Health Sociology


Question 1

What insights do post-modernist perspectives provide and what might this mean for health practice?

Question 2

Despite increases in funding, explain why in Australia, Indigenous health outcomes are still an issue? Provide examples to illustrate your argument.

Question 3

Psychiatry can be viewed as an institute of social control. Draw on sociological theories and examples to discuss this statement.

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Question 4

What are the key benefits and limitations of e-health?

Question 5

How does ideology and politics shape health outcomes? Draw on examples such as the PBS to illustrate your points.

Question 6

Certain mechanisms of functionalist theory are utilised today. Discuss what they are and highlight the main assumptions and limitations of functionalism.

Question 7

What is medical dominance and how does the medical profession achieve medical dominance in Australia?

Question 8

Explain the concept of discourse and explain how it is relevant to health and biomedicine in Australia. Draw on examples to highlight you points.

Question 9

What is multi-culturalism and how might health needs differ for immigrants and refugees to people who are born in Australia?

Question 10

What are the social determinants of health and how do they help us understand the dynamics of globalisation and inequity? Draw on examples in the Australian context to illustrate your key points.


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