HE 485/585W Bioethical Analysis Worksheet

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October 26, 2020
Discussion Case Paper
October 26, 2020

HE 485/585W Bioethical Analysis Worksheet

HE 485/585W Bioethical Analysis Worksheet

Context –

What is the bioethical issue or decision at hand?

The decision at is that Chang and fang have decided to have a child and Chang wants to have a male child to take the family name and the sex of the child should be determined before birth and if is not the male child fang should terminate the pregnancy

Who must make the decision(s) related to this issue?

The decisions must be made by Chang because he is the one whose family name needs to be carried on in the family

What factual information is relevant to issue and those making decisions?

The factual information in this issue is that the family needs a male child to carry the family name and it is due to restriction by the government for every couple to have one child as a way of population deduction but the two parents in this case fail to reach an agreement on the sex of the child to be born

Stakeholders –

Who are the stakeholders in this situation?

Chang, Chang’s family and Fang Yin are the stake holders in this situation

What values are apparent for each stakeholder involved?

Chang’s family values the family’s name to be maintained through a male child something Fang Yin considers less important to her, she only values a healthy baby of any sex

What immediate priorities are apparent for each stakeholder?

The immediate priorities are the family name and the sex of the child that are more prioritized by Chang and Fang Yin prioritizes the health of the child and also the government priotizes the country’s population

Alternatives and Tradeoffs

What, if any, are the alternative courses of action in this situation?

If the sex of the child is determined to be a female then the pregnancy will be terminated for the sake of the family’s name

How would each stakeholder be affected by any or all of the alternatives?

Fang Yin will be affected negatively since she doesn’t value the sex of the child and the family’s name but the health of a child of any sex .she will be traumatized to terminate the pregnancy sine she is not ready for it

And Chang will be affected also if the a female child is born because his family’s name will be sacrificed for that case since their name will not be carried on


What solution(s) would you propose to resolve this issue?

I will propose that both parents should take part in making decisions when dealing with family issues and each parent should have equal powers when making decisions without discrimination of other part’s point of view

How would you convince each stakeholder that this is the best choice?

I will only convince them to be understanding and try to be accommodative of other person’s take because each decision is right depending on the agreement made

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