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Hardware & Software Assignment (35 points)Problem:Your boss Mary Heart, Vice President of Warehouse Operations, wants to purchase devices such as tablets or laptops for the five (5) Warehouse Customer Service Representatives. The representatives are working part time in the warehouse and part time at home. The company would like the Customer Service Representatives to be more accessible and have the ability to respond to customers more efficiently and in a timelier manner especially with the “Covid-19” restrictions and delays of product delivery. Ms. Heart has asked you as the Supervisor, to research the purchase of a device that will meet the needs of these employees. You will need to persuade Ms. Heart that your solution is the best solution for this group of employees.In order to persuade Ms. Heart to purchase your solution, you will need to research different devices and software that meet the needs of the Warehouse Customer Service Representatives. The following criteria should be considered. Mr. Jacobs is on a tight budget but wants the best solution to better service the customers.Cost$600per unit, apps and accessories –device will need to access the organizations warehouse inventory application which does have a mobile interface.ConnectivityWIFI and 5G or 4G ability.ProcessorProcessing speed must be powerful/fast enough to multitaskDisplayEasy to read and useSizeDevice must be readable and practicalto carry AccessoriesChargers, cases, etc.Warranty2 years or moreDual CamerasFront and rear facing for online meetings such as Teams, Zoom, Skyping or Facetime, taking photos ofitems in the field.Operating SystemApple, Android, WindowsSoftware AvailableApps, productivity software such as word processing,spreadsheets, browsers etc. As well the ability to meet online with each of other and the customer.Any costs associated should be included in the costs for thedevices.She has given you a budget of $600 dollars for each unit. There are five Warehouse Customer Service Representatives.You will need to research vendor websites and evaluate and select an appropriate device using the minimum requirements listed above. Since Ms. Heart has stated that the device should also have 4G/5G capability, you will need to consider the cost of the data plan. The data plan should be included in your analysis but is outside the$600 for each device. However, the total expense for 4G/5G support should be included in your analysis.The point is to get the most for the money allocated for each device and to persuade Ms to purchase your recommended solution.Use appropriate persuasive techniques and memo etiquette. Be sure to use a memo format (see BCOM Appendix Module in D2L). Save your persuasive memo to a word processing file that can be read in a Word format. ( i.e. Lastname2200memo.docx) . Submit your memo to the appropriate D2L assignment.

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