Grey Wolf Project Step Two Rough Draft

Step Two (Approximately half of a page single spaced)
Write the section of your report that will convince the officials how important the consideration of science is in this sort of decision-making. To do this, include a general discussion of the many aspects of the process of science (not like a flow chart of the scientific method, but a description that demonstrates your deep understanding of the process in its entirety) that foster an appreciation of it for its value in decision-making. You must mention the peer review process and why the evidence you will present is to be given emphasis relative to hearsay or personal anecdotes. One of your goals from this part of the paper is to demonstrate to me that you fully and deeply understand the process of science as delivered in the Process of Science modules (note, it took two modules to impart so don’t short yourself here).

Prepare for Step 3D by looking up and gaining access to at least two peer-reviewed studies about grey wolves that will be useful for thinking about how gray wolves should be treated in this delicate situation.

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