These are general course Learning Outcomes. On eClassyou will find detailed Learning Objectives which break down these broader outcomes into more detail. Use those Learning Objectives (on eClass) to guide your studying.Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:•Relate concepts from BIOL 1000 and 1001 to those in BIOL 2040. Review as necessary.•Communicate information, arguments, and analyses accurately and reliably in verbal and written form.•Work effectivelyand collegially with your peers.•Use genetic terminology in its correct scientific context.•Interpret and analyse information provided in a figure; given data, construct a figure.•Describe the molecular anatomy of genes and genomes.•Compare different types of mutations and describe how each can affect genes and the corresponding mRNAs and proteins.•Explain the molecular basis, at the protein level, for different genetic outcomes of alleles of the same gene.•Describe the mechanisms by which anorganism’s genome is passed on to the next generation.•Describe the phenomenon of linkage and how it affects assortment of alleles during meiosis.•Analyse phenotypic data and deduce possible modes of expression/inheritance (e.g., incomplete dominance, autosomal, X-linked) from family histories (pedigrees).•Extract information about genes, alleles, and gene functions from genetic crosses and pedigree analysis.•Interpret results from molecular analyses to determine the inheritance patterns and identities of human genes that can mutate to cause diseases.•Describe the approaches and methods used to conduct genetic studies in model organisms. Apply the results of molecular genetic studies in model organisms to understand aspects of human genetics and genetic diseases.•Justify the value of studying genetics in organisms other than humans.•Describe the processes that can affect the frequency of phenotypes (and genotypes) in a population over time.•Evaluate the societal and ethical impacts of various genetic techniques, studies, and application


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