This assignment is designed to help you understand the “management” function of public relations, and how to set public relations objectives, activate public relations campaigns, and implement public relations programs. UN launched a Pause Campaign to tackle the misinformation problem regarding COVID-19 pandemic. Please read about the campaign. In addition to the links provided below, please also search about this campaign online. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Questions: 1) Based on what you read about this campaign, what was a possible public relations objective established for this campaign? Please make sure this PR objective is written in a way that it describes the end results expected, has a firm completion date, is realistic, attainable, and measurable. (Note: you may not find the expected end results or completion date from your reading, you can have some reasonable imagination here, for example, to achieve XXX (the XX will be the objective you find from the reading) by XX percent (e.g., increase awareness by 5 percent, or XX% of the target audience will show XX behavior) till XX date.  2) Based on your research and readings, does this PR objective seem to be consistent with the mission, vision, values and management’s objectives of United Nations, why? 3) What public relations programs were used to achieve the PR objective you summarized to answer Q1) (check the PR program list in the textbook, Chapter 5, p. 93. Choose one or multiple that applied to this campaign)? In your opinion, were the PR programs helpful in terms helping achieve the PR objective? Please note that you are expected to apply the knowledge you learn in Chapter 5 here, especially the information from the sections “setting public relations objectives” (including how to set the objectives and public relations implementation). Graders will pay special attention to whether your PR objective is clear, understandable, have a firm completion date, measurable, and consistent with management’s objectives. Format: Short answer only. No essay.

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