Fundamentals of GIS

Complete the following vector overlays and explain the results of each one:1.Intersect: photo_extents and neighbourhoods.2.Identity: photo_extents as input; neighbourhoods as identity features.3.Symmetrical Difference: neighbourhoods and photo_extents. Does notmatter which is the input and which is the update feature class.4.Intersect: photo_extents, neighbourhoods, and rivers. Output type: INPUT.For each of the above cases,•show the output feature class created by the operation as a simple layout (no legend or other map elements required) and show both:–A screen shot of the attribute table similar to Figure 2b; and–Geometries labelled with an expression combining the identifying attributes from each layerinvolvedintheoverlay(NNAMEfromneighbourhoods, RNAMEfromrivers, andPHOTOID from photo_extents) similar to Figure 2a. See Section 3.1.1 for an explanation.

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