Forum leaders

Model 4 Week 10
November 20, 2020
Technology 5
November 20, 2020

Forum leaders

Forum leaders, after reading the 2 assigned sets of folk tales (all Middle Eastern and Nigerian tales included in the textbook), respond to 1 of the following questions, using specific examples and direct quotation from the reading to support your answer.

1. Religion in the Middle Eastern Tales: the assigned Middle Eastern tales come from both Jewish and Islamic sources. Choose one of the Middle Eastern tales, identify its religious culture, and explain what role, if any, the religion seems to play in that tale. If you are unfamiliar with the basic tenets of the religion, please prepare by familiarizing yourself with the religion’s basics by looking at its entry in the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid..

2. Folk-Tale Characters: Choose one tale from either the Middle Eastern or Nigerian Tales and discuss its main character. Does this character seem to be a carefully built unique individual or a stock character? How do you know, and how does this aspect of the main character affect the story?

3. Fantastic Elements: Many of the tales we read this week contain rather fantastic elements such as magic talismans or talking animals. Choose one tale, and discuss a fantastic element that seems to play a major role in that tale. What is that role of that element, and how would the story change without it?

4. The Moral of the Story: The folktales we’re reading this week all seem to have some kind of moral associated with them. Choose 1 tale and discuss its moral. If the moral is not directly stated, first explain what it is and how you know. If the moral is directly stated, compare the moral with what you see in the story, and discuss whether or not the moral seems to fit the themes you saw in the story.

Forum leaders, remember to also post responses on other leaders’ threads as outlined in the requirements; those posts will be used for your forum grade for the week. Your forum leader post and your follow-up responses on your own thread will be graded separately.

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