Financial Accounting Assignment

Assignment instructions

  1. This is an Individual Assignment and please remember to include your student number in the heading of your work.
  2. This assignment is based on four different scenarios covering various financial accounting topics (therefore there are four separate elements overall). 25 marks are available for each element and the assignment is marked out of 100. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST ANSWER ALL FOUR OF THESE ELEMENTS.
  3. You must use Word to complete this assignment and you are only permitted to upload one document to Canvas. If you submit more than one document, then only the final one submitted prior to the submission date and time will be marked. Please use a clear font (Arial 11 point is recommended) and tables where appropriate. If you source material from any other publication or website, you must cite your source and include it in a list of references at the end of your work. Use the Harvard referencing systemto reference your work.
  4. Computations should be presented in clear format. Marks will be given for presentation and use of the clear layout for each computation.
  5. This individual assignment accounts for 70%of the mark for this module.

Question 1:

The following information has been extracted from the draft financial statements of Bradford Ltd for the year ended 31 October 2020. All figures are expressed in £’000s.

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Income statement for the year ended to 31 October 2020

Sales 106
Cost of sales (14)
Gross profit 92
Less: Expenses (12)
Operating profit 80
Interest expense (4)
Interest income 3
Loss on disposal of non-current asset (9)
Profit before taxation 70
Taxation (36)
Profit after taxation 34

Balance sheet as at:

<td style=”width: 91.6000pt; padding: 0.0000pt 5.4000pt 0.0000pt 5.4000pt; border-left: none; mso-border-lef

  31 October 2020 31 October 2019
Non-current assets   1,650   1,240
Current assets        
Inventory 470   165  
Trade receivables 188   201  
Cash at bank 220   0  
Total assets   2,528   1,606
Current liabilities        
Bank overdraft 0   50  
Trade payables 860   406  
Non-current liabilities        
Long-term bank loan 284   356  
Share capital (£1) 526   422  
Share premium 375   178<
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