Final Culture Plan


Complete and present your final culture plan to your cohort/ class. Details below.   STEP 1: Select an organization for which to build a full culture plan. This can be an organization you know of, have worked for, have owned, are starting, or otherwise. I would suggest picking an organization with which you are familiar. STEP 2: Build a basic culture plan for this organization, answering the following questions. You will present this culture plan to your cohort-mates during our final week of class. Imagine as if you were the entrepreneur in charge. This is your final exam. So be sure to make connections/ correlations to our course content and research as well. The decision you are making as an entrepreneur with this culture plan is important. However, the reasoning as to WHY you are doing it is just as important for the sake of this class. Show us how you would apply the models we’ve explored. – Identify and introduce a problem for the culture of the organization. This can be something simple or more complex. Present a solution (your hypothesis) for this project. For example, if I say I work at Slack and employee turnover is an issue (the problem) I will address turnover by doing “X” (the solution). ((5 points)) – What are the mission, vision, values or the organization? Do they need editing? If so, why? How? How do they affect the original problem you’ve identified? ((5 points)) – How will the individual people affect this plan? Will you account for motivators, behaviors, perceptions, personality, identities? Why? How? ((5 points)) – What can you foresee outside of your control as the entrepreneur? Pesky lemons! How will you address them? Why? ((5 points)) – Will you incorporate measurement? How could you measure the outcome of your solution (“x”)? ((5 points))   STEP 3: PRESENT IT! – Present your solution to your cohort-mates during your final week in our ENTR 451 course. – You will have 5-10 minutes to present your culture plan. Imagine we were your new team members, investors, partners, employees, leaders and you are presenting this to us for us to consider. – Your presentation should be engaging. Use of Google Slides, Powerpoint, images, is strongly encouraged. You will also be expected, if your presentation does not cover it, to submit any text/ references/ works cited as well (max 1-page of text).

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