Fatality Investigation

Review the attached NIOSH report titled Arson Fire Kills Three Fire Fighters and Injures Four Fire Fighters Following a Floor Collapse in a Row House—Delaware.

Write a 1,200–1,500 word essay discussing how the information and data collected from this investigation can be utilized to change the behavior of your department as well as the fire service. Your essay should:

  • Explain the importance of disseminating information from this incident and how it can be used to create awareness and behavioral change in the fire service
  • Discuss how the information should be disseminated throughout your organization as well as throughout the fire service.
  • Discuss the use of this information to change the behaviors of fire service members
  • Identify what information from this specific incident needs to be a priority for fire service behavior change
  • Describe how data collection from this report as well as information from other agencies such as NFPA and USFA can combine to be more effective in creating lessons learned for firefighters across the United States.
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